For WMX holders

It's all starts with WMX

The utility of WMX token is activated only when WMX is staked into a vote-lock contract (vlWMX). The lock up duration is 16 weeks and cannot be changed.

Being vote-locked, WMX allows to its owner fully participate in Wombex and derive the following utility from the protocol:

  • Receive a share of protocol fees (charged in mined WOM) for staking WMX in vote-lock

  • Govern Wombat using veWOM protocol holdings (meta-governance), influence direction of rewards emission, or sell governance power on secondary market (so-called bribes)

  • Govern Wombex protocol, including treasury, emission schedule, and other parameters via vote-locking WMX (vlWMX)

Read a guide how to vote-lock your WMX:

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