WOM Wars Bootstrap event

Hurry up to stake your WOM: 2% of WMX supply will be distributed to WOM stakers

The first and primary Wombex mission is to accumulate as big protocol-owned veWOM stake as possible. For the purpose of attracting as many WOM as possible from day one and rewarding early LPs we conduct a special WOM Wars Bootstrap Event. 2% of the WMX total supply will be distributed directly to wmxWOM stakers over the first two weeks on a block-by-block count basis. There will be two options for WMX reward claiming earned from WOM Wars Bootstrap event:

  1. Claim rewards to their wallet and receive the amount of accrued rewards minus a 30% penalty.

  2. Choose the vote lock option for WMX - vote-lock for 16 weeks (without preliminarily claiming to the user’s wallet!) and receive the full amount. Shortly after the event is finished, penalized tokens will be distributed to those who choose the vote-lock option. Wombex aims to be the largest veWOM staker in the Wombat ecosystem, providing maximal boost and value to LPs and Wombat users. Note that wmxWOM holders will be able to trade wmxWOM to WOM at Wombat once the secondary market is launched.

How to participate?

Your actions to stake WOM into wmxWOM during WOM Wars Bootstrap event:

  1. Go to the wombex.finance app

  2. Go to Stake

  3. Select WOM Wars Bootstrap event

  4. Approve your WOM and after that push the "Select Convert & Stake" button

As a result of convert & stake you will convert WOM->wmxWOM and it will be automatically staked in WOM Wars bootstrap contract, rewarding 2% WMX TTS over two weeks on block-by-block basis

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