Introduction to Wombex

Growing Wombat and supercharging yield by combining LPs + WOM holders

Wombat AMM innovation coupled with the veToken model opened the next chapter for yield generation on the BNB chain. An efficient veToken-based protocol requires a special tool for governance coordination which benefits protocol growth and helps LPs to allocate capital.

Wombex combines the power of liquidity providers and WOM token holders, supercharging each other and accelerating long-term Wombat growth. For this purpose, Wombex accumulates veWOM and aggregates LPs deposits simultaneously.

For WOM holders, Wombex offers the opportunity to earn more on their WOM by staking WOM into wmxWOM (Wombex-owned veWOM).

Liquidity providers receive a boost for WOM rewards through Wombex-owned veWOM, maximizing their yield in stablecoins and WOM additionally earning $WMX.

WMX token holders participate in governance aggregation across Wombat by voting using protocol-owned veWOM. Token holders vote on Wombat and Wombex proposals, earning a share of WOM mined by Wombex LPs as a reward.

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