Use your voting power for bonus yields

Owning vote-locked WMX tokens allows users to decide how Wombex-owned veWOM’s voting power will be distributed in the Wombat gauge voting mechanism. By voting for a pool, users increase WOM rewards which Wombat allocates to this particular pool.

The Wombex bribe market allows vlWMX holders to sell their voting power in order to receive substantial rewards.

To participate in the Wombex bribe market, you need to access the Bribes page:

After that, scroll down to the pools list.

You have two options how to allocate your voting power:

  1. Distribute your votes as a percentage of your total voting power

  1. Set the exact amount of vlWMX you wish to allocate to each pool. You can press “MAX” to set all your remaining vlWMX.

When you have finished distributing your vlWMX press “Vote All” to confirm you votes.

Wombex claims bribe rewards once per day and linearly distributes them to vlWMX voters during the next 24 hours according to their share in each bribe pool.

How to claim your rewards

You can view your current bribe yields in the pop-up window in the “My bribes” section.

To claim your rewards, press the “Claim All” button.

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