Rewards claiming

Defi starts with rewards

To start claiming your rewards you need to go to the Claim section:

Scroll down a bit and you will see wmxWOM rewards claiming and LP rewards claiming (by pools).

Pushing the arrow button at the right opens claim section for a specific pool:

Two important notices:

  1. In this example, the blue button "Claim all" at the right claims all the rewards only from(!) the specific pool - LP-BUSD. You will claim WOM and WMX only from the LP-BUSD pool by pushing this button and executing tx afterward.

  2. There is a checkbox for the vote-locking WMX function. It is automatically enabled, what means that your WMX rewards will be locked as a result of this transaction.

    Please, uncheck this checkbox if you want to claim tokens to your wallet. In the case of vote-locking WMX, you will receive 30% more tokens than in the case of ordinary claiming (the same as in the Bootstrap event).

Also, there is the "Claim all and stake" mode right after your amount of deposit indicated. It opens an advanced page for claiming and staking:

The advanced mode allows the user to claim rewards from ALL the pool in one bundled transaction, stake mined WOM reward into the Bootstrap event (or Ordinary Staking when the Bootstrap event ends), and stake WMX into vote-lock WMX.

However, everything is flexible. You can use the checkbox in every pool to indicate do you want to lock your WMX rewards or not. By default, all checkboxes are ON; please be careful and re-check them before claiming the rewards!

The Claim all and Stake menu at the left allows to:

  • Stake just claimed WOM into wmxWOM

  • lock WMX into vlWMX (only for rewards from the pools where checkbox is ON)

The first approve for Claim all and Stake is for WMX, and the second is for WOM. After two successful approves, the tx bundling contract does the rest.

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