Multi-sig compositon

We invited trusted and reputable parties to Wombex project multi-sig

Here is the Wombex multi-sig: 0x35D32110d9a6f02d403061C851618756B3bC597F

Multi-sig requires 4 signatures from 6 to sign the transaction (4/6). Multi-sig signers:

  1. ALEX, Wombat co-founder

  2. Raymond, Wombat co-founder

  3. Gotbit, the liquidity provision firm and market-maker

  4. DAOHacker, Wombex co-founder & CTO

  5. Samy K, Wombex co-founder, ex Binance/Consensys/BNB Chain core team

  6. You_know, Wombex co-founder

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