Protocol fees

Fees act as value distribution mechanism between wmxWOM, vlWMX, and LPs stakers.

Wombex fees structure incentivizes vote-locked WMX governance and community engagement as well as veWOM acquisition.

Fees are collected in mined WOM and third-party token incentives and aren’t charged from other revenue streams such as veWOM admin fees or any airdrops to veWOM holders.

Fees values:

  • 5% goes to wmxWOM stakers, paid out in WOM

  • 10% goes to vlWMX stakers, paid out in wmxWOM

  • 0.1% goes to harvest caller in WOM

Fees can be adjusted by governance in a hard-coded range with a total ceiling of 25%:

  • 3-10% for wmxWOM stakers

  • 5-15% goes to vlWMX stakers

  • 0.01-0.2% goes to harvest caller

  • 0-3% treasury fee

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