Liquidity migration from Wombat

Move your liquidity to Wombex in one click
If you have liquidity on Wombat, you can move it to Wombex and enjoy boosted $WOM yield and additional earnings in $WMX token.
First of all, you need to access the Stake page:
Click the "Stake"
After that, you need to select pool where you have liquidity. In this example, user has liquidity in Wombat USDT pool. If you have liquidity there, you will see the "Migrate from Wombat" tab:
Find the "Migration from Wombat" tab
Note that if you don't see the tab it means that you don't have liquidity in this pool in Wombat.
To migrate liquidity, you need to select the tab, enter amount for migration (we use "max" in this example):
Click "Unstake"
After that you will receive USDT to your wallet. Now you need to Approve and Convert&Stake:
Click first Approve and then Convert&Stake
Congratulations, you migrated liquidity to Wombex! Enjoy boosted yield and additional rewards!