Gnosis Safe and Wombex

This guide is for Gnosis Safe multi-sigs using Wombex
Recently, Wombex integrated Gnosis since a lot of DAOs, community treasuries, and investment funds are using Gnosis Safe multi-sig on the daily basis. The first step is to access the 'Lock WMX' tab and connect your Gnosis Safe to Wombex. For this purpose, click on you address at the top right cornet:
Enter your Gnosis Safe address in a pop-up window (can be found at the Gnosis Safe multi-sig page), and press the 'Connect' button:
After your Gnosis Safe is connected, you will see it when pressing on your address at the top right corner:
Scroll the screen and enter amount of WMX that you want to lock into the vote-lock and initiate the transaction signing. You will get the signature request:
Signing results in Tx creation in your Gnosis Safe. Once it is done, you will receive the confirmation with a link to the Tx that needs signatures&execution in the Gnosis Safe UI:
After that, you can sign and execute the Tx in the Gnosis Safe UI as usual: