Using Gnosis Safe and Wombex

This guide is for Gnosis Safe multi-sigs using Wombex
Recently, Wombex integrated Gnosis since a lot of DAOs, community treasuries, and investment funds are using Gnosis Safe multi-sig on the daily basis. If you need to create a new Gnosis Safe follow these instructions.
You have two options for how to start using Wombex via Gnosis safe:
  1. 1.
    You can add the following appURL after your Gnosis safe address in the browser address bar:
An example:
  1. 2.
    Alternatively, you can add a custom app via the Gnosis safe UI. It’s simple, just stick to the following instructions:
  • Select your blockchain network and connect the signer wallet.
  • Go to the “Apps” section, select “My custom apps” and press “Add custom app”.
  • Paste https://bafybeic4kenkfjhzw53cfr3lpdvj44k3iksphhumsn7skctolwsveuqiqm.ipfs.dweb.link to “App URL *”, check the warning box and press “Add”.
Note: If you receive the “The app doesn't support Safe App functionality” error, connect via VPN.
  • The Wombex finance Dapp will appear in the “My custom apps” menu.
  • Congratulations, you can now use the full functionality of Wombex via your multi-sig wallet!